LOFIM welcomes the release of a photojournalist after nearly two years and nine months in prison

LOFIM welcomes the release of photojournalist, Ismail Bouzreba Al-Zwai, today, Saturday, 11 September 2021, after nearly two years and nine months in a military prison in city of Benghazi.
The security authorities in the city of Ajdabiya arrested “Al-Zawi” in December 2018, after accusing him of working with channels accused of supporting terrorism.
In May 2020, a military court issued a fifteen-year prison sentence to Al-Zawi in a secret hearing that did not meet the International standards of a fair court.
LOFIM, along with its partners in Libya platform coalition, led an advocacy campaign denouncing the unfair ruling against Al-Zwai, calling on the authorities in east Libya to release him and drop the criminal charges against him.
LOFIM appeals to the Libyan authorities to release all prisoners of conscience and to make its efforts to find out the fate of forcibly disappeared persons in libya.
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